Whatsminer For Sale

The Whatsminer is the cost-effective and easiest way to get into cryptocurrency mining. The device makes it easy for anyone to mine cryptocurrency without technical knowledge and a host computer. It’s an all-in-one: a complete system that comes ready to use straight out of the box.

whatsminer logoWhat is it made of?

The Whatsminer is an extremely cost-effective and high-performance ASIC-based Bitcoin miner, with efficiency up to 0.05 J/GH and power consumption as low as 2200 W (at the wall). It has been engineered especially for newcomers to the crypto world – it’s fast and easy to use, requires no technical knowledge, needs no additional infrastructure or support teams, yet still gives competitive returns on investment.

Whatsminer Prices

The pricing below includes PSU.

Whatsminer M30S 88TH – $2200
Whatsminer M30S 90TH – $2800 (landed price)
Whatsminer M30S 92TH – $2710
Whatsminer M30S+ 100TH – $3225
Whatsminer M30S++ 112TH – $4175
Whatsminer M31S+ 76TH – $1915 (landed price)
Whatsminer M31S+ 78TH – $1795 (landed price)
Whatsminer M31S+ 82TH – $2285 (landed price)
Whatsminer M32 66TH – $1574 (landed price)
Whatsminer M20 70TH– $1607 (landed price)
Whatsminer M21S 56TH – $1043 (landed price)

If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. We can provide the best equipment for you at a negotiable price if you want to establish a business together.

Whatsminer logo

Whatsminer Colocation Hosting

Whatsminer Colocation Hosting is the next step in the evolution of Whatsminer, a Bitcoin mining machine. It’s a dedicated data center with the required infrastructure to let your Whatsminer mine crypto money while you sit back and relax. And Whatsminer Colocation Hosting includes an integrated mining pool with lots of perks, such as free bitcoins for life and advanced algorithms for managing your daily profit. (Whatsminer statistics 2022)

Benefits of Whatsminer Colocation Hosting

  1. Cheap Hydro Power-Hydro power is the cheapest and easiest power source to get, so we offer it in our colocation facilities.
  2. Flexible Contracts-This Colocation Hosting lets you set up your mining operation in any way. You can mine and host your unit simultaneously or separate them for maximum flexibility.
  3. Manageability-Setting up a mining farm can be messy, but it’s very easy with Whatsminer Colocation Hosting. You can easily manage and troubleshoot your mining setup.
  4. Miners Get Free Bitcoins – Like domestic miners get free electricity, miners of Whatsminer earn free bitcoins.
  5. Personal Support-It’s easy to get help with us. Get technical or infrastructure support anytime you need it.
  6. Upgraded Equipment – We constantly upgrade our facilities to make sure that your Whatsminer gets the optimal performance in terms of electricity consumption as well as hash rate